Top 5 Benefits Triathlons Have On Your Body

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Triathlons can be the ultimate high for many people. The long hours of training and the strain on the body become distant memories when triathletes feel the buzz of completing a triathlon. Belonging to a community, the sense of accomplishment and the reduction of stress are all attractive benefits of taking part in the sport. But what can triathlons do for your body?

In today’s world of work or school, many people spend their days sitting behind a desk and fall into the trap of leading a sedentary lifestyle. Back pain, weight gain and poor posture can all be attributed to sitting down too much throughout the day. It seems like today there is a greater awareness amongst people to focus on maintaining their well-being and striving to find a balance between work/school life and health.

Triathlons can be a form of escape and relief for many as it provides them with the foundation to build a healthier, stronger body. Sure, everyone says exercise is so important, but what effect is it actually having on you? We thought we’d simplify the biological processes and outline the five main benefits that taking part in triathlons can have on your body:

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Weight Loss

When it comes to triathlons, there are many individual and personal benefits that people can get out of them. While everyone has different goals and motivations, one pretty universal benefit is: weight loss.

The act of combining swimming, cycling and running burns enormous amounts of fat, which can lead to huge loss of fat in the body. Who wouldn’t want that?!


Whole Body Workouts

Another huge benefit of triathlons is the fact you are working out your full body. Unlike other sports, triathlons strengthen all muscle groups in your body, making it the perfect workout. Swimming will strengthen the upper body whereas cycling and running will strengthen your lower body. The result of training your whole body includes building strength, increasing muscle mass and achieving a more toned physique. Who needs a personal trainer?

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Reduction in Risk of Injury

Injuries are the worst. We’ve all had them. But have you ever considered a sport that actually reduces the risk of injury? With triathlons, you are doing three different sports which focuses on different parts of the body. As your workout will be so varied and target different muscle groups, the mix of activities will take away the stress being put on one area of your body. This differs from many other sports that have a bigger emphasis on one particular part of the body, such as football.


Lower Blood Pressure

Everyone knows the importance of exercise, right? Combining three different forms of exercise will do wonders for your body such as reducing blood pressure, preventing obesity, cardiovascular diseases and many more. It has been found that triathletes actually have larger hearts and a below average heart rate, due to their heart not having to work as hard. Be kind to your heart!


More Energy

Nobody likes feeling drained. We’ve all had those days where we have sat in front of the TV and not moved. Feeling energized is something many people struggle to attain. While it’s definitely possible to overtrain and exhaust yourself from exercise, the training you do will replenish your body and over time you will eventually have more energy throughout your day. Consistent and balanced training over time will increase your energy levels giving you, even more, umph to put into your workouts.


So there you have it. We’ve covered the top 5 benefits that triathlons can have on your physique. The conclusion is: Triathlons can do wonders for your body! That doesn’t mean they are a walk in the park though. While walks in the park are great, (especially if you have a dog) they won’t provide you with the same level of benefits like triathlons do.

Benefits such as weight loss, lower blood pressure, increased energy levels and reduced risk of injury make it apparent why so many people love competing around the world. Expect to push your body to the limits and go beyond your comfort zone, but in doing so, creating a healthier and fitter body in the process.

Angela Armitage